Our 2022 Goals

For 2022 we strive to show our customers what products we most enjoy while giving them the best items available. Our owner Macey loves helping other crafters to expand their business as well as hers. So this year we will be promoting our bleached shirts more than ever! These can be bought by crafters with experience or someone who is just starting our or wants to make a single shirt. We will also be offering bulk discounts for our bleached tees, both adult and youth sizes will be available. Another one of our bigger focuses will be our Starbucks Cold Cups. Soon we will be offering custom cold cups like our custom tumblers. By doing this we hope to expand our clientele as well as meet other crafters and business owners.

This year we have also changed a few things on our website. We now have a separate section for items that are on sale. Almost all of our seasonal items such as Halloween and Christmas apparel and more will stay available all year long, but at a reduced price. 

Make sure to keep an eye out for any upcoming sales or promotions that we will be sending out through our newsletters.